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Company Objectives

Red Metal's objective is to maximise shareholder value through the discovery of giant copper, copper-gold and silver-lead zinc deposits in Australia which yield high internal rates of return on invested funds when developed.

Red Metal believes it will enhance its probability of discovery and achieve its corporate objective by:

  • Sharing the exploration risk and reward under joint venture arrangements which have the benefit of increasing exploration expenditure thus increasing the probability of discovery.
  • Where appropriate, Red Metal will aim to retain maximum interest in projects to maximise return to shareholders.  
  • Focussing its exploration effort on large, high grade deposits in the under-explored portions of fertile Proterozoic terrains in Australia.
  • Utilising advanced exploration models and proven leading-edge technologies.
  • Drill testing a large number of targets and continuing to identify new opportunities.
  • Maintaining a high social awareness and applying high environmental standards during exploration and mining activities