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Visual Drilling Results from hole MRN12004, Maronan Project, NW Queensland

The first step-out hole MRN12004 has intersected encouraging wide intervals of strongly oxidised lead and copper mineralisation prompting immediate follow-up drilling.

Drill core observations from MRN12004 reveal a very strongly weathered, variably mineralised zone over 55 metres down-hole.  This zone of deep weathering contains varying amounts of secondary lead and copper minerals derived from the oxidation of lead and copper sulphides.

Central to the deeply weathered zone are thick intervals of banded carbonate rock containing secondary lead oxides and relict lead sulphide. Although deeply weathered and potentially leached, the banded carbonate rock type in MRN12004 is interpreted to be comparable with the fresh banded carbonate rock with lead sulphides recently intersected in MRN12003B.  Drilling also intersected multiple narrow intervals of fresh lead sulphide above and below the deep weathered zone.

A wide zone of copper veining overprints and underlies the deeply weathered, banded carbonate rock. This zone transitions from secondary copper mineralisation to primary chalcopyrite-pyrrhotite then pyrrhotite with minor chalcopyrite at depth.  Copper mineralisation is strongest towards the base of oxidation.

Although oxidation to 750 metres below surface was much deeper than expected the widths of the prospective horizons and visual mineralisation in MRN12004 has encouraged further deep drilling.

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