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Maronan Project Metallurgical Testwork Results
Metallurgical test work on a representative composite sample of medium-grade mineralisation from drill hole MRN14002 has returned some exceptional results and outlined a potentially simple processing option for the Maronan mineralisation.
Bench scale flotation tests at a range of grind sizes have shown:
  • There is the likelihood of quickly concentrating a saleable product by recovering 92-96% of the lead, 91-94% of the silver with grades ranging 70-75% lead, 776-932g/t silver. These recoveries are achieved at a very early stage in the concentration process with optimisation by further processing likely.
  • The concentrate is almost pure, relatively coarse, lead sulphide (galena) derived from a very simple metallurgy. The galena is associated with almost all the silver.
  • All deleterious elements are below present penalty rates with the exception of fluorine which measures about 5440ppm. Fluorine minerals (fluorite and apatite) can be removed from concentrate by acid leaching in the presence of aluminum sulphate. This method is applied to concentrates from the nearby Cannington Mine.
Importantly, the mineralised test sample has a low Bond Ball Mill Work Index of 8.4 kWh/t when ground to 212 microns which is “soft” and reflects the carbonate composition of the ore host rock. Maronan mineralisation is believed to have a much lower work index than other silicate-hosted ore types mined in the district.