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Recent work of the Northern Territory Geological Survey and the success of Mithril Resources Limited at their Basil and Manuel copper-cobalt-silver discoveries, Tibbs and Percy gold prospects and Baldrick and Blackadder nickel-copper-PGM prospects highlight the prospectivity of the under explored Eastern Arunta terrain

A new seismic line recently completed across the terrain by Geoscience Australia has shown the Basil copper mineralisation lies along a deep mantle tapping extensional fault zone where significant thicknesses of Neoproterozoic sediments and mafic intrusions were deposited.  The origin of the Basil copper mineralisation is still conjectural but its location on a deep mantle tapping fault system enhances its copper and gold prospectivity and highlights the potential along the fault system eastwards on to Red Metal’s Irindina project area.

Work by Mithril has also highlighted the effectiveness of airborne electromagnetic surveying as a first pass exploration tool with its application identifying new zones of hydrothermal copper sulphide mineralisation at the Basil and Manuel prospects. 

Irindina Project: copper, gold and copper-nickel

ImageRed Metal’s Irindina project covers almost 14,000 square kilometres of the prospective Eastern Arunta province.  The applications cover areas of some outcrop with the remainder under shallow cover and the Company is confident that prospective rocks similar to those being encountered by Mithril occur within the Irindina project area.  Red Metal will be the first company to apply modern exploration techniques for prospect targeting over the project area including airborne electromagnetic surveying.