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Coompana and Madura Provinces - WA

Nullabor Projects: Copper - Gold

Red Metal moved quickly to secure key geophysical targets following new data released by the Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSAWA) outlining what could be exciting new copper-gold provinces under the Nullarbor Plain of Western Australia.

New seismic data, high resolution magnetic and gravity surveys plus recent stratigraphic holes drilled by GSWA and Geoscience Australia have significantly advanced knowledge of the mineral potential in two new geological provinces.

Stratigraphic holes in the more eastern Coompana Province intersected high-magnesium and high-potassium shoshonitic intrusive rocks some with minor visible copper and molybdenite mineralisation. These unusual rock types have geochemistry indicative of fertile magmas prospective for porphyry copper-gold mineralisation and compare favorably with intrusive rocks found in the Macquarie Volcanic Arc in New South Wales which hosts the large Cadia and Goonumbla porphyry copper-gold mines.

New age dates from GSWA on the more western Madura Province identified subduction-related, mafic intrusive rocks dated at about 1,440 million years while stratigraphic drilling logged local veins of magnetite with copper. This Middle Proterozoic intrusive event is close in age to the major copper-gold metallogenic events in the proven Gawler Craton (1,590 million) and Mount Isa Inlier (1,500- 1,550 million) where Red Metal has good experience.

Red Metal has targeted large, circular intrusive complexes and regionally significant high-amplitude magnetic and gravity targets for possible iron-oxide or porphyry styles of copper-gold mineralisation and ultramafic hosted copper nickel mineralisation. The prospective basement targets are mostly covered by 200 to 400 metres of younger sedimentary cover and can be cost effectively tested with simple proof-of-concept programs.

The Nullarbor projects are an Australian “first-mover” opportunity.