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McArthur Basin

The McArthur Basin is part of an extensive belt of Middle Proterozoic sediments which extend from the northwest region of Queensland through to the northeast region of the Northern Territory.

ImageSignificant Stratiform style lead-zinc-silver deposits are known within these basins including the McArthur River (HYC), Century, Mount Isa, Hilton, George Fisher, Lady Loretta, and Walford Creek deposits.  Common regional scale features to all these deposits include close proximity to deep penetrating crustal scale faults and/or to basement highs, reduced graphite or sulphide enriched host rocks, lead and zinc anomalism in the district, evidence for synsedimentary growth faults and more complex doming and structure in areas of sub-basin inversion.  Most of these regional criteria also apply to regional targeting for Sediment-hosted copper deposits with characteristics similar to those in the Zambian Copperbelt and the Kupferschiefer in Poland and were used by Red Metal to define areas prospective for copper, lead and zinc.

Urapunga and Mallapunyah Projects

The Company’s Urapunga and Mallapunyah projects are located within the highly prospective McArthur Basin and target sedimentary hosted silver-lead-zinc deposits similar to the giant McArthur River or Century mines.

After many years of stalled negotiations with the Northern Land Council, in early 2012 the Aboriginal land owners vetoed mineral exploration access over the Urapunga project. Field access on Mallapunyah is dependent upon successful ongoing land access negotiations.