Red Metal Limited

Company Objectives and Strategies

Red Metal’s objective is to maximise shareholder value through the discovery of giant copper, copper-gold, copper-nickel and silver-lead zinc deposits in Australia. 

Key strategies that will enhance its probability of discovery and achieve its corporate objective include:

  • Focussing its exploration effort on large, high-grade deposits types in the under-explored portions of fertile Proterozoic terrains in Australia.
  • Utilising advanced exploration models and proven leading-edge technologies.
  • Drill testing a large number of proof-of-concept targets and continuing to identify new opportunities.
  • Maintaining a high social awareness and applying high environmental standards during exploration and mining activities.
  • Sharing the exploration risk and reward under alliance and joint venture arrangements which have the benefit of increasing exploration expenditure.
  • Where appropriate, establish funding arrangements that allow Red Metal to retain a maximum interest at the point of discovery.
  • Remaining alert to new mineral opportunities offering exposure to global decarbonisation and battery megatrends